You Are Your Biggest Obstacle!

The solution to procrastination is finally here!
CommitLock lets you make goals that you will
actually complete.

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What Is This?

CommitLock is a tool for solving procrastination and helping you complete your tasks! You set a goal, due date and what the proof of completion would look like. If you submit the proof before the set deadline then you are in the clear. Otherwise your card is billed your desired amount!

Why Would Anyone Want This?

A bit extreme right? Procrastination can have serious impacts on our lives. By establishing a consequence for not completing your task you become significantly more likely to follow through with it due to loss aversion. Instead of procrastinating your days away, CommitLock can give you that big shove that you need to finally start putting your dreams into motion.

But I Don't Want You To Get My Money!

That's the point.

Click here to learn more about where your money goes if you lose.

How Much Money Should I Commit?

That's really up to you. The amount of money you commit should be proportional to the resistance of the task. $20 might be more than enough to get you to clean your kitchen, but probably not enough to get you training for a marathon when you haven't gotten off the couch in 6 years.

Can You Cancel A Contract?

In order for this to work, it can't be easy to get out of the commitment. However we understand that unexpected events can occur that make it genuinely impossible to complete a task. If this is the case and you have evidence to support it then you can contact us and we will resolve it.